Welcome to Bombsquad Longboarding. We’re just a small skate biz. We also get a lot of help from the rest of our Bombsquad crew as well. We pretty much started out by coming up with an idea to save the front of our boards in the event that they shot off into a curb at high speeds. So after a several tweaks and changes, we’ve come up with a full proof way to give your expensive board some inexpensive insurance. Thus the Bombsquad noseguard.

Bombsquad Longboarding actually began about three years ago with the development of our Noseguard product line. The idea of coming up with a protective device for the nose of longboards originated from our personal losses of great decks. Nasty head-on terminal crashes were ending the life of too many great decks!

It took a lot of trial and error development to find a Noseguard design that actually worked and was easy to mount. Bombsquad now offers a patent pending Noseguard design to fit most popular decks. They are sold all over the world and are found in many retail stores and ecommerce sites.

Our first adventure into producing a high performance longboard deck began several years ago with the same trial and error process as our Noseguards. We accumulated quite a pile of rejected designs that just did not deliver in real world downhill riding. The SaltFlat aluminum speedboard that you will find in our webstore at www.bombsquadlongboarding.com is the result of real riding research design development.

Our company goal is pretty simple – “Deliver high performance longboarding products that deliver maximum results to our customers.” That is easy to say, but can actually be difficult to do. You can always know that a new deck from Bombsquad did not come from an engineers cad design, it comes from riding in the real world and striving to meet a set of performance characteristics identified in the downhill test lab.